Friday night jazz

arturojams2013The jazzy flip side of the Bajan Soundtrack created the right ambience for a sweet Friday night lime at the Hilton Old Fort.

Granted, the audience was a little more subdued than that in Oistins the night before, but that certainly did not mean the night was not an enjoyable one, packed tight with amazing Barbadian talent.

Pannist Terry “Mexican” Arthur was the first artist on the B Side. Backed on guitar by Willie Kerr of Merrymen fame, they set the mood for the night of good music. The duo soon became three, when they were later joined by Kellie Cadogan to render Redemption Song.

Tamara Marshall’s performance of Girl from Ipanema and Brazil got some in the growing crowd to sway and clap to the classic tunes.

When it comes to bringing a crowd of local jazz aficionados alive, no one does it better than Arturo Tappin.

Breaking Up is 18 years old, but like fine wine, and Tappin’s looks, they only seem to get better with age.

The mixed his set with slow, sensually “saxy” numbers like Brazilian Wedding with the more upbeat offerings, such as Third World’s Now That We’ve Found Love.

Tappin also got up and close with the crowd, even stopping for a serenade or two.

Calypso maestro Anthony Gabby Carter was another venerable featured act of the night. With his signature voice which has produced a catalogue of hits, Gabby took the audience down a lovely stroll on memory lane.

As a folk singer, Gabby has chronicled many happenings on the rock. Music Will Play has also captured glorious Barbadiana with its music. All members of the “Beach Cabinet”, the group of veteran musicians and its Bajan Browne’s Beach Music was as beautiful as the beach it was named after.

NJ30 gave its unique spin to evergreen Motown and rock tunes, including Higher Ground, Master Blaster Jammin’ and Third World’s Now that We’ve Found Love.

The 1688 Orchestra also gave a good showing of an extensive array of hits.

Not to be outdone were some of the other jazzy ladies performing on Friday night. Starlets Nikita, Debbie Reifer and Christal Austin impressed with their vocals. (LW)

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