Bringing it home

facebookhomeonehandedThis week saw two big updates for the Android’s Facebook user. Their newest edition, Facebook Home, hit the Play Store and the Messenger app too was updated in preparation for this. If you plow through the change log you will stumble across the addition of support for chat heads. Those floating IM shortcuts are one of the most anticipated features of Facebook’s homescreen replacement, which can be as irritating as they are convenient.

In case you were wondering, Home is essentially a skinned version of Android OS that offers a deeper amount of integration with the social network. Once installed, Home pretty much takes over as your phone’s launcher. So instead of a lock screen, you have a Cover Feed, which is essentially your Facebook’s Newsfeed presented in a highly visual and interactive format.

In general Facebook Home puts a very heavy emphasis on photos and gestures. Those pesky notifications can be cleared out with a single long-press, liking your friend’s picture is as simple as double-tapping it Instagram style, and flipping through status updates is as easy as swiping left or right.

The other major pillar Home is built on is ease of use, with one hand. Facebook claims that Home is easy one-handed even on larger devices like the Note II (yea right!). So should you get yourself Facebook Home? Well its really depends on your wants and needs, just remember that this is a whole new programme so some features like widgets or even you app draw will no longer the same. But if you are a big social buff you lives on the network, it will make your life that much better so go ahead and make the plunge.

While some devices are supported, many aren’t, due to Facebook’s hardware restrictions, a nice bloke over at MoDaCo named Paul O’Brien has fixed that problem and it’s not rocket science. However, if your problem is location there is an even easier fix, 1st just install the latest version of the Messenger app, source the Home APK, activate and that’s it.

Let me know what you think about Facebook Home, and if the app is enough for the avid Facebook user, or should we still be on the lookout for an actual handset bearing the name.

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