Police officers shot

Bahamas top cop Ellison Greenslade (centre) speaking to the press.
Bahamas top cop Ellison Greenslade (centre) speaking to the press.

NASSAU — Police have launched an island-wide manhunt for those responsible for shooting two police officers in two separate incidents.

At a news conference just after midnight yesterday at Doctors Hospital, Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade confirmed that Superintendent Clayton Fernander, commander of the Southeastern Division, was shot to the chest and right arm shortly before 10 p.m. as he pulled up to his home in the St. Vincent Road area. Police suspect Fernander was shot during a robbery attempt.

Police said two masked men accosted Fernander and after he was shot the men fled the area travelling west along St. Vincent Road in a white Honda Accura. According to the commissioner, the incident happened quickly and Fernander did not have time to defend himself. He was taken to Doctors Hospital for treatment and was in surgery at last report.

Greenslade said Fernander was “brutally attacked” and his right arm was mangled. While police think he will survive, Greenslade described the injuries as “life changing”.

The commissioner spoke with Fernander before he went into surgery.

While police were dealing with the news that a veteran officer was shot, a man pulled up to Doctors Hospital just before midnight covered in blood saying he thought he was shot, Greenslade said.

Upon examination it was discovered that the man was shot in the head. It was later confirmed that he is a police officer from the Carmichael Road Police Station. Police had little information on this second shooting up to press time, but said this officer was a Constable Brown who was in critical condition in surgery.

Greenslade vowed not to sleep overnight and said there would be significant patrols into the morning.

The commissioner was surrounded by officers of his senior command. (Nassau Guardian)

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