Oistins at play

entrpbandmacfingallinoistinsThe sweet and saucy flavour of Bajan music spiced up Oistins Bay Garden last night.

Sweet sounds of calypso floated above the smoke and sizzle of the grills in the popular spot as the Side A concert, which is a part of the e-create Cultural Industries Symposium, was staged.

Soca Queen Alison Hinds raised a few temperatures while Red Plastic Bag and Mac Fingall were red hot as they performed for Bajans and Brazilians who attended the event.

Reigning Soca and Party Monarch Mikey, was equally flavourful as were Biggie Irie, NexCyx, Philip 7, Blood, Li’l Rick and King Bubba, Kirk Brown and the Energy Band, ZigE Walcott, HyGraid, Evablaze and Ruk-A-Tuk International.

It was truly a good night.

Side B takes place tonight at the Hilton and will be a fusion of music featuring among others, Gabby, Terry Mexican Arthur and friends, Debbie Reifer, 1688 Orchestra, Christal Austin, NJ30 Jazz Band, Nikita and Will Play. (DS)

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