Glenroy Straughn dies at 86

glenroystraughnFormer parliamentary representative for St. Joseph, Glenroy Straughn, is dead at the age of 86.

Straughn, who had been institutionalised over an extended period with Alzheimer’s, died around 10:30 a.m. today.

His wife, former principal of the Alexandra School, Ada Straughn, told Barbados TODAY that he had been ailing for some time. She said no plans had yet been finalised for the funeral service and burial of the former community worker.

Meanwhile, speaking on behalf of the Barbados Road Safety Association, President, Sharmaine Roland-Bowen said: “I would like to extend deepest sympathy to the family of Elder Glenroy Straughn. He was a great individual who I have had the pleasure of knowing as a colleague and close friend.

“He was the immediate past president of the association of which he was one of the founding members back in the 1980s and devoted many of his years to safety on the roads. He was very, very keen on road safety education in primary schools, as he believed road safety was something that should be taught from the cradle to the grave.”

Bowen recalled that Straughn was adamant that the speed limit on the Spring Garden Highway should be reduced to lessen the risk to pedestrians.

She added the association would wish a road that has been made safe named or renamed after him in recognition of his contribution to road safety in Barbados.(NC)

One Response to Glenroy Straughn dies at 86

  1. Khaidji April 13, 2013 at 1:44 pm

    Tribute To Glenroy Straughn

    The candle went out on his life today
    Road Safety enthusiast passed away
    In his peaceful twilight of fading life
    Bid farewell to his children and to his wife
    Under trying times he was steadfast and strong
    Tasked himself to fight against any societal wrong
    Expressed himself frankly and for all to understand

    Took honor in his vocation and would reprimand
    Others who abused themselves and their brothers too

    Give fervent discussions on the ills people do
    Lots grew close to him through his candid talks
    Each one who knew him, respects him and walks
    Now guided on that path he diligently did pave
    Realizing the changes that one man gave
    Our lives are better because of men like him
    Young and old throughout the world and here on Bim

    So often we take for granted men’s good deeds
    Too often we give no credit when an individual succeeds
    Rights that were fought painfully today, generations ahead
    Are oblivious to the struggles their forefathers led
    Unable to appreciate the Rights since they were not there
    Growing amidst the chaos their ancestors did bear
    How easy it seems to forget great men who walked among us
    None should forget the Legacy of Glenroy Straughn to Barbados


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