Father of 10 killed in ambush

Curious onlookers at the scene of the murder.
Curious onlookers at the scene of the murder.

ST. JOHN’S — In a scene reminiscent of a fatal shooting last month, 41-year-old Sylvester Copper Carbon was gunned down, just as he walked out of a shop in Gray’s Farm, Wednesday night.

The incident, which leaves 10 children fatherless, has enraged a handful of residents who are now calling on fellow villagers to report what they know about the late night killing.

Five residents accused some people in the area of harbouring those they know are involved in criminal activity.

“It is sad. It could’ve been anybody walking and get a bullet,” one villager said.

“I could’ve been walking there. We need to go back to the old days. Let your neighbour’s business be your business. Go talk to the police. Tell them what you see and stop whispering about it in the community.”

The resident, who spent several hours on the scene, said a number of witnesses have been recounting in small groups what they saw, but have opted not to relay the information to the police.

“Because of a lack of confidentiality, which we complained to police about at the townhall meeting, people are not coming forward. People are scared. But I want them to use the fear as motivation to talk and get the menaces off the streets. Our safety is at risk,” the concerned citizen stressed.

The resident was referring to a townhall meeting between members of the community and police in February, during which the villagers reported fears and concerns about sharing information with lawmen.

Many people on the scene were overheard describing Carbon, who was the brother of Senator Malaka Parker, as a quiet individual who liked sharing jokes. He last worked at Brydens wholesale and retail outlet.

His mother, Cynthia Parker, indicated the youngest of the victim’s 10 offspring is a few months old, while the eldest is 15 years. The grieving mother said she thinks many people choose not to go to police because they “probably fear they would be next.”

Carbon had reportedly just left a shop on Bridge Road, Gray’s Farm when a car drove up alongside him and a male friend. A man reportedly came out of the vehicle and opened fire on the victim, hitting him in the front and back upper portion of the body. (Antigua Observer)

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