Barbados on display

bridgetownartThe Best of Barbados is on display in the Bridgetown Art Gallery.

Martha Berry, the owner/operator of the gallery located at Sheraton Centre Mall, told Barbados TODAY that the theme of the show “indicates that we are showing the very best of each artist’s work as influenced by the enormous beauty of this small island”.

“The artists in the show range from newly emerging to 50-plus years of experience,” Berry added.

Arthur Atkinson, Chris Alleyne, Cathy Alkins, Hilary Armstrong, Stacy Altman, Allison Bohne, Carol Cadogan, Manty Cooper, Sue Trew, Jacqui Cuke, Brian Carrington, Ronnie Carrington, Kirsten Dear, Anne Dodson, Susan Alleyne Ford, Tiffani Forde, Tanya Foster, Gina Foster, Shari Garnes and Jeannette Gittens are some of the featured artists in the exhibition.

Berry also said that the gallery’s “guiding philosophy” was that “idea that art should be for all people”.

“The gallery is run for the benefit of all participants, rather than for the gallery itself. In these hard economic times, we seek to help the artists by giving them most of the proceeds raised by their art, and we help the consumer by giving them the lowest possible price by keeping our overheads very low.

“To this end, the staff in the gallery is all volunteer, and we work for the benefit of every individual who walks through our doors be their purpose in art a desire to sell, purchase or merely look at the displays and inform themselves about art,” she stated. (DS)

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