Security guards in danger

A Jamaican security guard.
A Jamaican security guard.

KINGSTON – “Killed in the line of duty” is usually a line you hear at the funeral or in the reflections for a policeman or soldier.

But perhaps an indication of how relatively safe some people think the job is, many seem to forget the same fate might also befall a security guard.

The fact is, whether patrolling a plaza or guarding a residence, security guards can be in as much danger as their more heralded colleagues. Think about the guard who is keeping watch on a store. He doesn’t know for certain which customer is up to no good. And if things flare up, he must act.

The death of a security guard at Escape Nightclub in the early hours of February 18, is just another reminder of the hazards of security work. a this wasn’t a one-off situation, 2012 was not a good one for private security guards. A number of guards were killed as they manned various establishments, just doing their jobs, trying to protect other people’s property.

Perhaps the most gripping case occurred on June 29 when three Guardsman security guards were murdered at the company base in Westmoreland.

On March 29, in the usually quiet town of Mandeville, a security guard was killed during an attempted robbery at a gas station. In consecutive days, July 18 and 19, two more guards lost their lives while on duty. First, another security guard in Mandeville was killed during another robbery and then an Atlas security guard was killed in a housing scheme in Old Harbour the following day.

The story continued when on November 23, a Quest Security Services guard was killed at the Riverton landfill. Local Government Minister Noel Arscott was among those who condemned that act.

Another guard was found dead in Discovery Bay, St Ann, on Boxing Day.

The women were not exempt from the bloodshed either. On February 10, a female security guard was killed in Port Maria. (Gleaner)

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