Classroom holiday

easterclassesWhile some children get to enjoy their two week vacation, hundreds of Class 4 students across the country have been heading back to school.

It’s the Easter vacation and with three weeks left before the Common Entrance Exam, which is slated for May 7, the youngsters and their teachers are either brushing up on particular subjects taught during the term, or going through those that they did not quite get the hang of.

This morning, a Barbados TODAY team dropped in at Deacons Primary where teachers, Eric Bourne and Ms. Best were having lessons with some of their charges.

Over at Wesley Hall Junior School, some of the 161 students wrote a mock exam, which is customary. Those teachers have been conducting lessons three days a week.

And with few students at school some janitors also used the break to clean out the classrooms, giving them a thorough cleaning mopping floors, mats and even fans.

When the students head back to the classrooms on Tuesday 23, they would be spic and span. (DS)

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