Jobs safe

Public officer making her point at this evening’s meeting.
Public officer making her point at this evening’s meeting.

The 400 temporary clerical officers who packed the Horatio Cooke Auditorium today can now rest comfortably tonight.

That’s because they have been given the assurance by General Secretary of the National Union of Public Workers, Dennis Clarke, that there will be no lay-offs following the recently announced plans to have interviews to fill vacancies at that level of the Public Service.

In an interview with Barbados TODAY after the meeting, Clarke said: “In our discussions with the Chief Personnel Officer on Tuesday, she confirmed that no one will be displaced simply that they will be following the Act which calls for the advertising of posts and most likely there will be interviews. They are not certain as to which approach they are going to use, but whatever it is, they will consult with the union before they do it. The important thing is that there will be no lay-offs.”

Clarke acknowledged that there were currently 132 vacancies, but he went on to say that they could be more as they are in the process of making appointments that are going to free up posts that are held by clerical officers who are acting in a higher positions.

The veteran trade unionist also pointed out that there was a possibility that the number of vacancies could double. He explained that when they make the appointments they will short list the others and that list will be good for two years.

Clarke noted that those who were not successful will have to go through the interview process again as has been the case in the service for the four to five years. He further said the vacancies were advertised internally, which means inside the public service and not outside of the Public Service.(NC)

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  1. Monty Monroe April 12, 2013 at 7:37 am

    it amazes me that the clerks are kicking fuss about being temporary and there are fire fighters within our island who are under the same status because of the same Public Service Act, and up to this day no one has addressed the issue, they too are being under paid and are not given what they are supposed to; yet they are expected to go to work as though everything is all good and well. This has never occurred within the history of the BFS. These said officers are prone to serious injury as there has been an increase in fire activity throughout the island. The Public Service Act 2007 has proved to unsettle many. Someone needs to address this situation promptly as their increments have been stopped immediately. I believe the same situation is brewing at the Prison Service and Police Force.


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