Spanish spectacle

hcsteriansmallThis year, the Harrison College Key Club and KoBra Management Caribbean will take its patrons to Spain when it stages Viva Espana – Kolij King & Queen Pageant 2013 on Sunday April 21, at 6 p.m. at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.

Nine contestants, five males and four females have been in training and are hopeful of winning the coveted titles. Competing in Introduction, Casual, Talent, Formal, Interview and Booth Display segments are Serveria Williams, Ria-Chanez Walton, Terian Reid, Katherine Jones, Asriel Browne, Martin Jordan, Myles Gittens, Deshon Griffith and Nicholas Stepenson.

Production Director Kofi Branch of KoBra Management Caribbean said that the pageant will continue the tradition of excellence with a high standard of production that is expected from a KoBra Management Production. He also noted that the team is under further pressure to produce excellent delegates as the Barbadian representative for Miss Easterval is chosen from within the pageant. Zhane Padmore and Heidi Barrow (who have won and placed 1st Runner up respectively at Miss Easterval ) have both been products of the Kolij King & Queen Pageant.

Entertainment for the 2013 Pageant will be provided by Lyrikz, Rashad Welch, Asha France, Raymond, Andre Roach & others. Tickets for the event are $30 and are available from the school’s office and the contestants of the show.

Here are the profiles:

Katherine Jones

Age: 18

City Represented: Granada

Philosophy for life: A hard fall means a high bounce if you’re made of the right material

Ria-chanez Walton

Age: 16

City Represented:Valencia

Philosophy for life: I believe you should strive to accomplish any challenges in your way to become a better, more confident person.

Serveria Williams

Age: 16

City Represented: San sebastian

Philosophy for life: Happiness isn’t something we grasp hold of. Don’t bother seeking it. It’s not to be found. It’s not a goal to be accomplished. It’s a by-product of what we do, how we live, who we are.

Terian Reid

Age: 16

City Represented: Bilbao

Philosophy for life: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Nicholas Stephenson

Age: 16

City Represented: Madrid

Philosophy for life: If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.

Martin Jordan

Age: 17

City Represented: Seville

Philosophy for life: Life lives, life dies, life laughs, life cries, life gives up and life tries, but life looks different through everyone’s eyes

Asriel Browne

Age: 16

City Represented: Andalusia

Philosophy for life: I believe everything and everyone has a purpose in life

Myles Gittens

Age: 15

City Represented: Cordoba

Philosophy for life: My life is all about music, and without music, life would be a mistake.

Deshon Griffith

Age: 17

City Represented: Barcelona

Philosophy for life: I believe it is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.

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