Music is their weakness

entkryptonyteInfectious music with highly energetic and mesmerizing performances will be the band Kryptonyte’s weakness.

Managing Director, Band Leader and lead Vocalist Russell Oliver, popularly known as Rusty, told Bajan Vibes that the band is a rebranded Double Xplosion.

“We were off the road from 2009. So I came back from October last year where we started doing Almond, and I rebranded from then to Kryptonyte. It’s a new programme that I’ve come up with.

“I’m hoping to make a big impact on Crop-Over. I’m doing an album with Kryptonyte this year. So far we’ve finished three songs already. We’re working with Chris Allman and Dwain Antrobus, and we did some stuff in Trinidad. We’re looking to get as much as possible.

“Once I’m performing and I’m recording, I always do stuff with my guys in Trinidad, KC Phillips and Roots, from Machel’s band. Here is Dwaingerous, Chris Allman and Shawn Layne, and I’m supposed to be doing something with Bubbles and Darien.

“I’m hoping to have a 10-track album this year, as an introduction and to get us back on the scene after our hiatus,” Oliver said.

The members of the band are seasoned musicians “who came together to simply do what they love play and perform great music and is already creating waves in the hotel and entertainment circles”.

There is Randy Moore on guitar, Tito Gittens on keyboards, Mario Burnett, bass; Renaldo Fitt drums, Richard Antonio lead vocals, along with Faith Callender and Stephanie Chase and the engineers are Chester Oliver and Robert Blackman.

Oliver has also dropped the moniker Rusty because he said he was being confused with Rusty Pin and he did not like it. (DS)

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