Doctors deliver ‘miracle’ baby

New mother Surujdaye Ramlackhan after delivery.
New mother Surujdaye Ramlackhan after delivery.

PORT OF SPAIN — Penal mother Surujdaye Ramlackhan said she thought the pains in her side were just “wind pains” only to discover, much to her surprise, that she was pregnant. On Monday doctors at the San Fernando General Hospital successfully delivered Ramlackhan’s baby girl, whom she carried in her abdomen instead of the uterus.

Doctors have hailed the delivery as a “miracle,” since such pregnancies were extremely rare and high-risk. A team of doctors, led by Dr. Krishna Rampersadsingh, performed a two-hour laparoscopic surgical procedure to remove the baby. Yesterday a weary-looking Ramlackhan, 39, of Rochard Road, told the T&T Guardian while speaking at her bedside her pregnancy came as a shock to her and her husband, Radhayshaym Neerajan, 34.

“It was a surprise. The daddy was shocked too. When they told me the baby was outside the womb I was frightened,” she said. She said in the weeks before she went to the hospital she would feel the baby moving but “I thought it was wind pains or something.” Ramlackhan said on March 27 she went to the Princes Town District Hospital in pain. She was not expecting to be told she was pregnant.

She added: “I used to get back pains and side pains and on March 27 I was getting side pains and I went to Princes Town and they brought me here and they ran tests and did ultrasound and told me I was pregnant. I was surprised.” Ramlackhan, a housewife, also has a 19-year-old daughter, Amanda, and a 14-year-old son, Chad. She said the four-pound baby girl, whose name is yet to be chosen, is still in an incubator at the neo-natal Intensive Care Unit and she is yet to see her “miracle baby.”

Ramlackhan said when she was told the baby was in her abdomen she relied on her faith in God. “I was frightened. Then my husband and the doctors gave me the courage, and God. Without God nothing is possible. Everybody had faith. She is a miracle,” the mother said.

She added she had faith in the doctors performing the procedure. Ramlackhan said she could not wait to see her baby. (Guardian)

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