Batteries stolen from street lights

KINGSTON — The St. Catherine Police are seeking the help of citizens as they investigate the theft of 53 batteries from solar lighting systems along sections of Highway 2000.

Chief Executive Officer of the Toll Authority, the regulatory agency for the toll road, Joan Fletcher said that the batteries were discovered missing over the last two weeks during routine checks along the highway.

Fletcher revealed that six stainless steel boxes containing 24 batteries were discovered missing from metal post lighting systems situated along the Spanish Town eastbound on-ramp on March 24.

Another three boxes containing 12 batteries were stolen from sections of the Mandela Highway westbound on-ramp on March 30, while an additional 17 were removed from the eastbound off-ramp, along that corridor, on March 31.

Fletcher said that in the March 31 incident quick action by the police led to the recovery of four damaged batteries in an adjoining cane field. The culprits are believed to have tossed the batteries while fleeing the lawmen.

The solar lighting systems were installed at a cost of approximately JA $150 million. (Observer)

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