Warner not at war with newspaper

PORT OF SPAIN — National Security Minister Jack Warner said yesterday he has no fight with the Express.

However, he believes that the list of questions sent to him by Camini Marajh, head of the Express’ investigative desk, were intended to humiliate him and his family – that is why he chose not to answer them and instead shared the questions with a large cross-section of the media corps.

Warner was speaking on the CNC3 Morning Show with Hema Ramkissoon via telephone.

Last Wednesday, Marajh sent Warner a list of 40 questions which covered a broad range of issues, ranging from his son’s current troubles with United States authorities to Concacaf, the Caribbean Football Union and the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation, among other things.

On Saturday, Warner sent a reply to Marajh’s questions to a number of media from daily newspapers, television stations and even political bloggers. He did not answer any of the questions – stating that if he did, he would be “validating character assassination posing as investigative journalism”.

Ramkissoon asked Warner whether his move was a pre-emptive strike against the Express, Warner responded: “Did I launch a pre-emptive strike against the Express newspaper? That wasn’t necessary… The fact is the Express reporter asked me some intrusive questions, many of which were foolish.”

He continued: “All she (Marajh) didn’t ask me were my grandmother’s knickers and I said I am not prepared to answer those questions because I do not believe they were questions designed to find out anything except to humiliate my family and me and they have been doing that for the past few weeks and months.”

Warner stressed that he had nothing to fear.

“None of those allegations she’s making happened before 2007, none of those allegations, all of which untrue had anything to do with my personal life in Trinidad and Tobago or my politics,” said Warner.

“It was meant to denigrate my family and me and I want to let her (Marajh) know that I had no cause to be afraid at anytime,” he added. Warner made it clear, he had no battle with the Express.

“If they have a fight with Jack Warner, let them continue, Jack Warner doesn’t have a fight with them and they will find out eventually some time, that I am totally dismissive of what they say, what they write and what they do,” said Warner. (Express)

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