Piggott still optimistic

Nikita Piggott (left) (FP)
Nikita Piggott (left) (FP)

LEICESTERSHIRE – When Barbados’ ace netballer Nikita Piggott takes to the court this Saturday away against Northumbria in Newcastle, she will be hoping that her Loughborough Lightning will have a better second phase of Britain’s Netball Super League.

Piggott, who late last year realised a dream of a lifetime with her first professional contract, has had a good season in the United Kingdom’s premier netball tournament. She has been the Lightning’s most prolific scorer but her team has not won a single match in the first phase of the tournament, losing seven in a row.

With the second phase of the FIAT Netball Super League about to commence this weekend, Lightning will hope to improve on their overall play and make a run on reaching the play-offs. Piggott revealed that there was still optimism among her Lightning team-mates.

“Training is going really well. We know the mission at hand and we come to training prepared to do the work. The time now that we spend off season is focussed on running tactics and looking at the teams we are to play in phase two and working out how the best way to play them is, so when we go on court we have our plan of action.

“We find we really excel in the first and second quarter and that is where we play our best. However, the score line only changes in the third and fourth quarter so that is where we are focussing our efforts on. The first and the second quarter give us the confidence but then we have to carry it through,” Piggott said.

Commenting on Jo Webb, who is half-way through her first season as head coach of Loughborough Lightning, Nikita said Webb was very professional but also made training enjoyable.

“She has a good balance as a coach, she makes you work hard but will allow you to have fun as well. She is always welcoming whenever you need to talk. We have an understanding of how each of us plays our games now and we are more gelled as a team and this will make a difference,” Piggott said.†

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