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Nyugen Smith
Nyugen Smith

A number of New York-based artistes will be involved in a collaboration between Guyanese performance and video artist Damali Abrams, in what has been billed as the Fresh Performance Project, an experimental documentary highlighting contemporary performance artists in the Caribbean and New York City. It is being led by local creation, Fresh Milk.

Damali will engage in conversation with 12 performance artists, one Caribbean-based and one New York City-based artist per month, filming these discussions to create episodes or chapters which will be shared online. The first video will be aired at the end of April 2013, and will revolve around defining performance art.

This project aims to expand the cultural arena for both New York-based and Caribbean-based creatives, contributing to critical discourse around performance art by addressing topics such as gender and sexuality, power, love and romance, the role of the audience among other topics.

Given that performance art in the Caribbean is practiced by a growing number of practitioners, this project will foster a stronger creative community, offering support to performance artists who often work in isolation, while increasing production in this medium.

Archiving the conversations between the 12 participants increases awareness and documentation of the arts, and will hopefully lead to further opportunities and collaborative ventures.

Yesterday we profiled the Caribbean-based participating artists: Ewan Atkinson, Shanika Grimes, Michelle Isava, Olivia McGilchrist, Sandra Vivas and Alberta Whittle, and today we do the same for their New York counterparts: Zachary Fabri, Maria Hupfield, Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, Seyhan Musaoglu, Shani Peters and Nyugen Smith.

Fresh Milk was founded in 2011 in response to a need for artistic engagement amongst contemporary practitioners living and working in Barbados. It provides a space to support production of artwork, as well as mitigate the high attrition rate of Fine Arts graduates on the island by encouraging them to continue their practice beyond tertiary education.

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