Brothers killed in house fire

KINGSTON — Two brothers perished in a fire which razed a one-apartment board house in which they were left alone Sunday night in a section of Little London, Westmoreland, known as Cottage.

The dead boys have been identified as Lehmann Brimmer, six, and Addeina Brimmer, two.

The mother of the two boys was reportedly admitted to hospital after she sustained burns while attempting to rescue her sons from the blazing inferno. Her condition was not ascertained up to late last night. The boys’ mother, it was alleged, had left the two children to use a nearby bathroom in the community.

There were speculations yesterday that the fire was caused by burning candles which were used to illuminate the small building, which was home to the two boys, their mother and another relative.

A distraught Damion Brimmer said his two children, who had been living with him in Little Bay, where they attended school, were spending holidays with their mother in Cottage.

“I was looking for my kids from during the day (Sunday),” the grieving Brimmer recalled. But instead of seeing his sons, he received the sad news of their untimely death.

“She (mother of boys) called me last (Sunday) night, when me inna me bed a watch Soul Food, a tell me say me two youths die. Me bust out a cry and say ‘me two son dead’. Me just run around the house about three times,” said Brimmer. “She (boy’s mother) call again and me just jump on the bike di same time and ride out. Di way me feel [when] me start ride me hold me head and wonder if a real thing dis. Anyway, me continue ride and reach the police station, stopped at the station where I saw about three police; there I introduced myself and reported the incident,” said Brimmer. (Observer)

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