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The BCA’s Conde Riley has put the matter in the hands of the BCA’s attorney.
The BCA’s Conde Riley has put the matter in the hands of the BCA’s attorney.

A poorly performing Barbados might have failed to make the semi-finals of the WICB’s Regional Super50 Championship on the field of play, but local cricket officials now seem bent on them making it through litigation.

The decision by the West Indies Cricket Board to place Combined Campuses & Colleges (CCC) into the semi-finals ahead of Barbados has drawn the ire of the Barbados Cricket Association which is seeking to stop next week’s semi-final matches in Barbados from proceeding.

Both Barbados and the CCC finished the preliminary rounds on 10 points with Barbados having a superior net run rate. Barbados’ net run rate was -0.013, compared to CCC’s -0.055. However, the CCC defeated Barbados when the two teams met in the preliminary rounds and the WICB’s decision to place the CCC into the semi-finals appears based on this head-to-head clash.According to the BCA’s website, the BCA’s first vice-president and WICB Inc. director, Conde Riley, has described the development as ludicrous and has instructed one of the association’s lawyers, Randall Belgrave QC, to act on the BCA’s behalf on the matter.

“There is clearly an error with regard to the final standings. In any round-robin tournament, individual teams will win and lose and the tie-breaker used internationally is Net Run Rate if most wins cannot determine the positions,” Riley said on the BCA’s website today.

Riley added: “It is clear to the BCA that the decision to place Barbados fifth although they have a better Net Run Rate than the team they placed as fourth is flawed. This is based on all international rules. It is a ludicrous decision.”

There was initial confusion over whether Barbados or CCC had taken the last semi-final place for the April 18, 19 and 21 matches at Kensington Oval after Barbados lost to top-of-the-table Trinidad & Tobago in the seventh and final round day match at Queen’s Park Oval on Sunday.

Initially, the WICB website (windiescricket.com) reported that the Super50 semi-finals had been decided and that Trinidad and Tobago would play Barbados and Jamaica would take on the Windward Islands in the April 18 &19 matches at Kensington Oval, scheduled to be broadcast live on ESPN.

However, one hour later the WICB issued a correction indicating that the Super50 semi-finals would be played between Trinidad and Tobago and the CCC in one game and Jamaica against the Windward Islands in the other.But according to the 2013 playing conditions both Barbados and the CCC have a case to be included in the semi-finals with the CCC seemingly having the stronger cause with their head to head victory falling within the second mentioned method of solving a tie on points. Net run rate is the fourth option in arriving at a tie-breaker.

According to the rules in the event of teams finishing on equal points, the right to play in the next round will be determined as follows: ∑ The team with the most number of wins; ∑ If still equal, the team with the most number of wins over the other team(s) who are equal on points and have the same number of wins; ∑ If still equal, the team with the highest number of bonus points; ∑ If still equal, the team with the highest net run rate. (WG)††

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