Women, stay alert!

by Roy R. Morris

Crime Prevention Officer, Station Sergeant Stephen Griffith
Crime Prevention Officer, Station Sergeant Stephen Griffith

Women in Barbados have been advised to stay alert when walking the streets at night to avoid falling prey to criminals.

The advice has come from an employee of Divi Southwinds Resort who reported being accosted last week by a man she did not know, who kept insisting that she get into his car for a ride home.

The employee, who provided the registration number of the white Toyota car, which our investigations traced to a residence near Mangrove, St. Philip, said she had just completed her shift and was at the bus stop outside her work place just after 11 p.m. when the event unfolded.

She explained that normally she would sit or stand in a position at the bus shelter where the security guard at the entrance to the hotel could see her, but on that night two other persons were at the bus stop when she arrived, and she did not adjust her position after they boarded their bus.

While sitting on the bench waiting for hers to arrive, she added, the white Toyota drove past her then stopped, and she at first thought it was someone she knew who had stopped to give her a ride. As the car started to reverse, she reported, she got up and started to walk towards it, all the time keeping some distance between herself and the door.

“I realise I did not know the persons and started to turn away and he said, ‘Let me give you a ride…’. I told him I don’t take rides from people I don’t know,” she added, noting that the driver kept insisting that she get in.

“This thing gave me an instant headache,” she added, pointing out that the driver of the car then asked her to “come a little closer” and again she shouted “No!”

At this point, she said, the hotel guard came out and advised the driver to move on and “leave the woman alone”. According to the woman, as she reflected on the episode, it appeared she saw the outline of someone else in the backseat, but she could not swear to it.

As she related the incident to Barbados TODAY, she also questioned what might have happened had she absentmindedly gone all the way up to the car door. Up to the time of the interview she had not reported the matter to the police, but promised to on the advice of Barbados TODAY.

Only this weekend, police Crime Prevention Officer, Station Sergeant Stephen Griffith told residents attending the first meeting of the newly form Warrens Park South Neighbourhood Watch he constantly shivers when he see young women walking alone in dark areas at night totally oblivious to the potential dangers around them.

He noted that the biggest of these fears is for women who can be seen at night walking and texting on their mobile phones, often with earphones in their ears, apparently unconcerned about the ease with which they could be attacked. roymorris@barbadostoday.bb

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