Weekend in jail

KINGSTON — A high school student spent the weekend behind bars after admitting to the court that she used a piece of board to hit her teacher behind his ears.

The Charlie Smith High School student appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court on Friday on a charge of assault.

According to a police report, on the day in question, the student was in her classroom when she was asked to mark her name in the register, but refused. She later went to the teacher who told her that he did not have the time to do it then.

She reportedly called the teacher “a waste man” to which he replied “You daddy a nuh waste man”.

It is further reported that she then threw a chair at the teacher and was taken to the dean of discipline at the school. However, it is alleged that later in the evening she saw the teacher on the compound and attacked him.

But the student, in her defence, told the court that the teacher slapped her in the face and pushed her to the floor and, as a result, she hit him with the board when she saw him later in the evening.

Following her comment, Magistrate Judith Pusey remanded her into custody until today. (Observer)

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