Maloney condemns ‘votes for sale’

waltermaloneyalzheimerThe number of public servants who appeared anxious to sell their vote during last week’s National Union of Public Workers has the re-elected president worried.

While thanking the people who voted for him and his team, Walter Maloney, has frowned on the practise. “You went to some people and some would say: ‘How much you paying me for my vote?’. I don’t know if they were serious or not, but we would just definitely tell them ‘Well I think you have the wrong election, this is a union election, we are all public servants together, so I don’t know where we are going to get money to give you for a vote’. “Some persons would tell you ‘Well man you know you got to buy me a drink’ so I am very sorry, I didn’t encourage that,” Maloney told Barbados TODAY. He said he didn’t think he was singled out, and noted: “I would think that everybody would have encountered persons like that. It is something that is becoming very pervasive in this society.” He applauded everyone who took part in the election, including those who “offered themselves as candidates”. “I keep saying it is a voluntary thing and for some person to want to give up their time to share it with the union I think it is something that we should all be grateful for. “This [election] I don’t think was as adversarial and as acrimonious as the other one… You brought young people into the whole process and their idea of running an election campaign is different from what I would have thought about. “I have never thought about having a Facebook page, the young people had a Facebook page and we were able to do interviews and put up the interviews on the Facebook page and that sort of thing. “Now obviously this is young people using the technology which is user friendly to them, so it has gone to a different level. So they are using their talents and their competencies to do other things so I think that the union has to embrace that and be dragged along with what it is that the young people are currently doing and that is important,” he said. (DS)††

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