Heading down the wrong road

copsearch copsearchcloseupIt’s a comforting feeling when we see regular police patrols in our districts, since today’s crime situation requires nothing less.

However, when we recognise that increasingly our young men are finding themselves being searched on the streets, as seen in these photos taken on Layne’s Road, Brittons Hill just after 9 this morning, the feeling of comfort does not last very long.

These are scenes we normally associate with Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago or New Orleans in the United States.

It all shouts quite loudly that our society is heading in the wrong direction when such searches become the norm and rightly or wrongly, our youth find themselves in this embarrassing situation. We are dealing with issues that, unfortunately, fall into the laps of our police officers, but which are really crying out for a wider societal response. Photos by Christoff Griffith.

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