Cops committed to solving crime

PORT OF SPAIN — Head of the Homicide Bureau, Assistant Commissioner of Police Heflin George, yesterday said the police will continue to undertake the mandate to solve all murders in this country.

George said eyewitnesses have been hesitant in coming forward with information but the police will continue in their efforts to solve all homicides.

“There are a number of reasons why people not coming forward because people would have seen offences but they are not coming forward … That, of course, is a challenge to the police, however, we continue to operate as we continue to have a mandate and that is to solve and ensure that all, all homicides are solved,” George said in a telephone interview.

George yesterday said that the “criminal climate” in society may be one of the reasons people have been afraid to give information to the police.

“People are not comfortable and that is one of the things, people afraid of when they come forward that they feel that the information will be passed on and they will be at risk … We also have the whole question of the Justice Protection Programme that has also come under criticism. People need to find out more about (this programme).

“A lot of things are not founded … Who knows, we probably need to advertise a little more, we need to market ourselves a little more so that the community, society can get a better understanding as to what is happening within the police service and the kind of services we provide,” George said.

On Saturday while attending the funeral service for murder victim Jerome Ramsahai, National Security Minister Jack Warner said that police officers were close to making a breakthrough in the case.

Warner described the killings as “gruesome” but said: “I will ensure that this is done and that the perpetrators of this crime shall be brought to justice.”

It was last month that the bodies of two men were found in the trunk of a car at the Heights of Guanapo, Arima. (Express)

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