Caribbean stock trading report

20130408tradinggraphicThe first quarter of 2013 provided equity investors in Caricom with little or no relief from the misery of 2012.

Despite gains on Manufacturing, Conglomerate and Communications & utility stocks, returns were depressed by declines on insurance, investments and tourism and real estate stocks.

As a result, the CSX 30, which tracks the 30 most influential stocks in Caricom, only managed to post a slight gain of 0.29 per cent for the quarter. Investors in Junior Market shares continued to have a torrid time, and the CJSX, which tracks the returns of Junior Market shares in Caricom posted a decline of 10.13 per cent.

For the first quarter of the year, 370,166,520 shares valued at US $79,050,083 crossed the floors of the six stock exchanges across Caricom, with 49 stocks advancing, 57 declining and 26 remaining unchanged. Gleaner was the most active stock of the quarter with 81,621,947 shares being traded, Palace Amusements posted the largest gain (51.77%), while on the losing end, Sagicor Investments fell (41.10%).

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