Airport lights on the way

NASSAU — Minister of Transport and Aviation Glenys Hanna-Martin said the installation of runway lights at the Mayaguana airport will be delayed for about six weeks as the lights needed to illuminate the runway have to be specially built.

“We are going to move [quickly],” Hanna-Martin said on Thursday evening as she assessed the scene where a fatal accident took place.

The mother, sister and brother-in-law of former minister Sidney Collie were killed when a plane crashed into their truck on the runway of the airport early Thursday morning.

They were using the truck to provide lighting for a LeAir plane that was landing.

The accident triggered widespread discussion over why some airport runways in The Bahamas still do not have lights.

“We have already began to mobilise to bring in solar lights, but they have to be manufactured, I’m told.

“So there will be a lag of about a month and a half. We will dispatch a team to Mayaguana to put lights [on the runway],” Hanna-Martin said.

The minister said yesterday that she will receive the quotes for the cost of both the installation and the purchase of the lights today.

The airport’s lights are not operational due to the I-Group’s ongoing work at the airport, government officials said. I-Group is the American development company building a resort on the southern island. (Nassau Guardian)

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