Turning heads

tpetdeaconsprimaryeasterbonnetThere were kites, eggs, bunnies, flower gardens, butterflies, and chicks at Divi Southwinds on Easter Sunday.

They were not running amok but took pride of place on the very creative hat and bonnets worn by the students of Deacons Primary School.

Teacher Dawn Alleyne told Barbados TODAY that about 11 students and her son, five-month-old Ameory Alleyne-Worrell showed off their hats for the diners at the south coast hotel. Some of the bonnets, with names such a Day at Turtle Beach, All About Easter, Kite Flying, and Beauty and Brains Inside Out, were paraded at the school’s event last week and an event in Bridgetown the previous weekend, she noted.

From reports the diners were pleased with what was displayed. (DS)

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