Plans to restructure NUPW

Restructuring the National Union of Public Workers and finding more opportunities for members to come together are just two of the items on Walter Maloney’s agenda.

The president said in a telephone interview with Barbados TODAY that the union’s executive had to examine whether they were delivering a quality service to members.

“In order to do that we need to look at the structures that we presently have, whether they are working in the interest of the membership and I think we need to look at the way the divisions are structured, whether or not we should continue with them or we should go to something completely different.

“As it is now, the divisions are structured where Division One is made up of persons who are heads of department and permanent secretaries and that kind of thing, Division Two is made up of the technical and admin officers, then you have the clerical staff and others and I don’t know if that is really delivering the type of service that we really need.

“I don’t think it is, because to get meetings in these divisions is very, very difficult. Some of them have not met for maybe two years or so, so we need to move maybe to setting up something that is more sectorial than just a division where people have got common interests, common professions; that might be more interesting,” he said. What he said needed to be done was to have more activities around the union, which is based in Dalkeith, St. Michael.

“I think we would have been lacking for quite a while. The netball tournament that we had, the Fast Five, that was a very big hit with public servants, that would have been the first thing we would have held, as far as sports was concerned, for about five years and so we need to expand on that,” he said.

Maloney said that tourney would be expanded and they would try to attract more teams to play. This would also be in keeping with the theme of their annual conference which was on health and wellness.

He added: “There are other areas of sport that we are looking at as well and the utilisation of the grounds more. The idea is to bring public servants closer together in an environment that they can let their hair down and get to know one another because you have people working in sectors like health that don’t know anyone in Immigration or Customs or even in the Child Care Board, and we need to start building those kind of linkages.

“Many, many years ago when I first joined the public service we use to have these annual parties and fetes where everybody would come together and that is where you met friends and you made a lot of relationships like that. So we need to start to build those kind of relationships,” she said. (DS)

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