Hair’s to you!

From left: PTA President, Trevor Thorpe, Overall winners, Cliff–Ann Roach and Allaysa Rollock and Annette Maynard– Watson.

End of term at the Christ Church Foundation school was like no other yesterday.

Before the students left for their two-week holiday they were treated to plenty of fun thanks to some lively singing and dancing.

Additionally, one former teacher, retired head of the Mathematics Department, Andrew Gibbs, was†presented with a gift.

The biggest excitement came however, when the 67 contestants of the third annual hair show held in February to celebrate African Awareness Month, were presented with their awards.

Coordinator of the Hair and Proud show, Annette Maynard-Watson, who told Barbados TODAY the interest in the show had increased and she was extremely proud of all the girls.

Maynard-Maynard said she believed that event had become increasingly attractive for the girls because they saw the necessity of keeping their hair the way it was given to them by God — natural. One apprehension some of the girls had previously, she noted, stemmed from the opinion of others that natural hair was bad or it was difficult to maintain.

Now, she added, she was glad to see that they accepted that these types of barriers must be broken down and she hoped that in so doing their sense of pride†in their beauty would shine through.

Winners in this year’s natural hair contest included Allaysa Rollock and Cliff-Ann Roach who were judged the Overall winners. Roach was also winner in the Best Locks category, Joy Collymore was the Most Enthusiastic, the Most Improved was Leshawn Blanchette and the Alison Hinds Trophy winner was LiaCrichlow.

In the cornrows category, Nia Harper, Kia Burke and Lia Murray were the winners in first form, while Tiara Desce, Shaina Cox and Ayesha Evelyn won in the second to fifth form groups. In singles/Nubian knots, Melissa Hunte was first and Kristina Jean-Baptiste second. Amber Bryan and Jade Kirton were the Afro winners.

For Twists, Jamelia Carter, Jerrian Moore and Genna Smith took the top spots. Special mention was made of creations of Tia-Lynnes Morgan, Ayesha Evelyn, Melissa† Hunte and Tiara Parris who were rewarded for the creation of natural hair products. These products are currently being assessed by the Barbados National Standard Institution. (KC)††††††

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