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Zion Clarke, Richard Miller, Principal John Mascoll and Tashawn Bushell planted the tree.
Zion Clarke, Richard Miller, Principal John Mascoll and Tashawn Bushell planted the tree.

The lessons learnt at West St. Joseph Secondary/Grantley Adams Memorial have not been forgotten.

This week, scores of former students have been showing their appreciation to their peers and teachers while drumming into the heads of the current students that they too can be successful.

On Tuesday morning at the Blackman’s, St. Joseph school the Past Students of the West St. Joseph Secondary/Grantley Adams Memorial who are staging a reunion, awarded five people who have made an outstanding contribution to the school.

Teacher June Graham, past student and businessman Henderson Moore, former West Indies cricketer Dale Richards, former senator Patricia Parris and past principal Lloyd Austin, were the awardees.

In addition to the presentation of awards, Antoine Catlyn, who started plans for the reunion addressed the ceremony, which also included performances from the students.

One fruit tree was also planted on that occasion but the intention is to have three.

Principal John Mascoll thanked the old scholars, most of whom he taught, and noted they had distinguished themselves in different professions.

Shirley Hall, who coordinated the activities, told Barbados TODAY that this was the first time a structured reunion was planned.

“The group came together because we really wanted to give back to the school. There’s a building at the school that used to house the principal that the cosmetology students use. It needs to be repaired and it will cost about $42,000 so we’re embarking on a fund-raising project to deal with that.

“It needs to be updated because the children need it to do an exam that is required and the building has to meet the standards in order for them to do it, so we’re trying to work on that,” she said.

Hall said the response to their week of activities was good. They started on Sunday March 31, with a church service and included talks where past students spoke to the present crop, a games day at the school that saw the former and present students competing, a lime at a bay house in Martin’s Bay, a school fete and another lime at another old scholar’s.

Activities conclude on April 7 with a picnic at Brandons Beach. (DS)

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