UWI thanks private sector

Paul Altman
Paul Altman

Generous support from corporate sponsors has saved the University of the West Indies’ Cave Hill Campus from the worst of hard times.

With government owing UWI almost $200 million up to the end of last month, Cave Hill Campus Council Paul Altman has publicly thanked the private sector for its helping hand in difficult circumstances.

He was speaking Tuesday evening at the university’s 2013 student awards ceremony.

“Let me state that we are all very aware of the current financial situation which exists in Barbados and all over the world. It is in this period of tightening our belts that our faithful donors have continued to provide much-needed support to our students,” Altman said.

“We must therefore salute corporate Barbados, the regional banking sector and generous citizens for investing in the continued educational development of the region’s people.

Dr. Leroy McClean is presenting the Kurleigh King Memorial Lecture to Reco King.
Dr. Leroy McClean is presenting the Kurleigh King Memorial Lecture to Reco King.

“On behalf of the Cave Hill Campus, I wish to publicly commend all of you for your generosity. Your contributions have allowed some of our best and brightest to continue on their paths to prosperity. I applaud all of you.”

The realtor singled out SOL Caribbean and CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank for the hundreds of thousands of dollars there were providing for scholarships.

“At the undergraduate level, CIBC FirstCaribbean awarded 14 scholarships (valued at $5,000 each for one year) totalling $70,000,” he noted.

“At the postgraduate level, SOL Caribbean awarded three scholarships: two scholarships were valued at $30,000 and the other scholarship awarded was valued at $25,000. This resulted in a total donation of $85,000 from SOL Caribbean.” He pointed out that UWI “remains the single largest donor of scholarships, at the postgraduate level, providing 20 awards totalling $858,000”, 19 of which were two-year awards valued at $22,000 per year and a one year award valued at $22,000.

Altman also lauded the Office of Student Services at Cave Hill for its “continued work in facilitating the development of students at the Cave Hill Campus”, noting that it “facilitates a number of programmes to assist in the holistic development of students at the Cave Hill Campus”.

“These initiatives include … the mentorship programme which allows students to gain practical knowledge by interfacing with professionals in a variety of fields; the vision and fortitude programme which seeks to empower students to become civic-minded individuals through the development of life skills; and co-curricular programmes which develop well-rounded graduates through the fostering of a range of skills including leadership, social, managerial, interpersonal and professional,” he stated.

“In addition to these initiatives, the Office of Student Services supplements the academic programmes at the campus with over 20 co-curricular offerings. These range in scope from sports (athletics, basketball, cricket, football, netball, volleyball) to debating, leadership/service, HIV/AIDS peer education and response, chorale singing, dance, theatre, photography, film and alcohol and drug abuse,” he added.

Altman congratulated the award winners and told them that with the Cave Hill Campus celebrating its 50th anniversary this year they should try to live up to the anniversary theme “Path to Prosperity”.

“See this recognition ceremony, this evening, as one of many achievements on your path to prosperity. Success is within your grasp. Seize the opportunities available to you along the path and prosperity will be yours,” he urged. (SC)

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