Nourish your senses

by Katrina Ifill

Creatrix and Sensual Empowerment Coach

Opening up to sensuality allows a warm reception to the gifts that our eyes, ears, noses, mouths and skin can grant to us. Ask any adult, “What is sexuality?” and you’ll most likely get some quick (and varied) responses. On the other hand, ask “What is sensuality?” and there’ll be an extended hesitation before some long-winded answer. defines sensuality as:

1. The enjoyment, expression or pursuit of physical, especially sexual, pleasure.

2. The condition of being pleasing or fulfilling to the senses. (I have to commend the online oxford for its second definition, which is more aptly defined to suit the contemporary audience of cyberspace.)

To get started, sensuality involves slowing the pace right down. Sometimes, a complete halt is necessary. It involves taking your foot off the throttle, coming down a couple notches and being still.

How many mornings do you take the time to watch the sunrise… listen to the early morning Peawhittlers announcing the dawn… smell the freshly falling rain upon the parched ground… feel how soft your skin feels first thing when you rise from sleeping… take the time to truly savour the taste of your breakfast, coffee or tea? Some do take the time. But, unfortunately, many don’t.

Because of the world we live in, the age of cyber fast speed, quick fixes and instant mixes, it’s no wonder humankind is living in a senseless world. With all the instant messaging on the go, the instant global transfer of large documents electronically, fast and instant foods (there’s even an instant cou cou on the market), fast cars, fast sex and loud music our senses have become numb and dormant.

Just as our brains aren’t functioning at their optimal capacity, neither are our senses. We’ve made mundane the daily and most sensational things in life. By doing this, we miss the true excitement of life in all its blissfully magical simplicity.

But we can awaken and bring our senses back to life — literally bring ourselves back to our senses — by taking the time each day, and several times a day, to really tune into our world. When you do this, a “whole new world” will unfold before your senses (not just your eyes).

Once you have dedicated yourself to slowing down the pace enough to nourish your senses (which invigorates your brain) you will discover a new and enthralling way of reaching a daily climax and becoming a fully orgasmic being.

When we live sensually until it becomes a natural state of being in our every day routines, it can revitalise our minds and bodies. Now, just visualise what would happen when we take sensuality into our bedrooms. Being sensually aware during love making creates a whole new sexual experience between you and your partner.

It’s synonymous with the ignition of a flame that has been kindling within. Taking the time to reacquaint yourself with your partner, using your senses, will create a fixation and bonding for the renewal of your relationship and love life, and keep them vibrantly alive. But that’s another article. To find out more about sensuality, please visit For frequent bliss-bits, like the Waves of Bliss business page on Facebook ~ and follow us on Twitter ~

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