All stars at All Saints!

tpetallsaintsspidermanPrincesses, actors, pop stars and superheroes. They all made an appearance at the All Saints Nursery School this afternoon for the school’s annual end-of-term Easter parade.

Under the theme Lights, Camera, Action, the students donned costumes representing characters they have spent all term learning about.

Coordinator of the event, Maureen Cadogan-Ward, explained that the theme for the year was Watch Me Grow – See My Talents, which allowed them to spend the first term learning about growth and development.

“We focused on them — on the students, on body parts and how they develop, looking at things like their address, where they live, really focusing on them personally.

“Then this term was started to look at talents, so we had resource people come in to talk to them. We had Uncle Johnny who brought his guitar and taught them about music; Uncle Gregory on the keyboard; Uncle Dwayne on the violin and Uncle Kerry who is a breakdancer.

“The Barbados Library Service sent us their actors who read to the children and had a theatre set up looking at the importance of books. The children really enjoyed that,” she said.

Toward the end of the term she said they brought out all the areas the children would have learnt about together in a trip to the Olympus Cinemas to watch Thumbelina, followed by a trip to Silver Sands.

“So it all culminated with the parade today where the children get to model a variety of costumes to do with talents,” she said.

Along with princesses and princess fairies, “Rihanna”, “Hannah Montana” and several other pop princesses also put in appearances, as well as numerous ballerinas and dancers. Among the boys, there were drummers, pirates, a fireman, “Flash Gordon”, “Blackbeard”, a very friendly dragon and Spiderman, who thrilled the crowd by actually climbing a wall. (LB)

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