Stoute launches album

richardstouteandgabbyVeteran performer, Richard “Dick” Stoute is playing his part in the fight against violence against women.

This morning he launched a two-song album dedicated to women. Both tracks, Stop The Abuse and Wake Up Everybody are spouge and they were written by him and produced by Dale husbands of Front Side Studio.

Speaking to Bajan Vibes after the release, he said he felt very strong about what was happening to women in Barbados and believed it was his duty as well as other men to speak out against it.

Stoute said that his songs highlighted the very important roles women played in everyone’s lives and they were a plea to men for them to be more careful and loving to women.

He said: “I speak to the fact that if not for a woman none of us would be here. I was fortunate to see the birth of one of my children and that made me realise even more the important of womanhood. It was a painful experience for my [late] wife and from that day on I said I would focus on highlighting the role of the woman.”

“I hope that the message will† go a long way in eradicating violence against women. I think that we need more songs like this because most of the songs song about women today are quite† embarrassing and devaluing to women. I think we need to be more respectful to the woman because of what she means… she is bearer of life,† to me a she is the most important aspect of life,” said Stoute.

Though he does not intend to enter any competitions, he told Bajan Vibes he would continue writing daily and hoped to as well release two more songs next year.

His aim now was to keep educate listeners, he said, “so I can leave a legacy which speaks to the mind of the people to be more conscious of who they are and the right things to do. For the rest of my life I want to give very positive music for my people and if I can do that through my music, with the help of God I will,” he said.

To order Stoute’s new music contact:

Part of the proceeds of each CD will be donated to a charitable women’s organisation. (KC)

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