Massiah on a mission

by Kimberley Cummins

JayMD: a future singer, song writer, psychologist and part-time journalist.

Known as Jodi Massiah, JayMD is a 17-year-old who is determined not to make the sky her limit. She has many interests and if competent, intends to pursue them all. At the moment she is on a path to do just so.

In an interview with Bajan Vibes, Massiah, who was presently pursuing an Associate Degree in Mass communications at the Barbados Community College, revealed that she was set to release a R&B self-penned track on Saturday called Someday. Further stating that her first performance of this number would be on Monday April 8 at the Citrus Book and Poetry Night to be held at the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre in Holetown St. James.

Though she was young in age, she has already released three other songs: a reggae tune called It’s Over, Best I Can which was a R&B/hip hop number and Love Conquers which was co-written by Blaza.

The former student of The St. Michael School made her first performance about two or three years ago at an Independence programme held at the school. There she performed an original “soca-type” song and she said it was “unexpectedly” well received. “I had fear, shyness, stage fright…,” she said and laughed, “I stood up like a statue for the entire performance but the crowd received it well.”

From there she told herself “maybe I can have a good thing going”.

After that in 2012, she entered a song writing competition hosted by the Barbados Red Cross Society and the United Nations Development Programme called Spice It Up- Sing for Preparedness. Her entry was called Wake Up and it dealt with being more prepared in the event of a hurricane, she placed third for her efforts.

Massiah’s true passion lies in writing, it began when she was around the age of 11. At that time she was attending a church camp and was asked to write a song for the group she was placed in. She came second- “only by default”.

“I get an urge to write and if I don’t, I feel like going mad. I write to express myself and free myself if something is bothering me. I can’t live and not write- it is impossible. I knew I loved to write from the time I could write, from the time I could actually physically hold a pencil,” said Massiah.

Having said that because of what she described as the lack of opportunities in Barbados, as it related to getting a job in music or creative writing, she decided apply to the BCC pursue Mass Communications since it was the best programme which suited her talents. But the youngster insisted that this career opportunity would serve as a “fall back” since she was more interested in becoming firstly a psychologist “who is also a singer, song writer and part-time journalist or something in mass comm”.

“Music means everything to me,” she said “but in five years I want to be at University getting my Masters Degree in Psychology and be a household name in Barbados in music.”††

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  1. Mrs. C. Squires April 4, 2013 at 7:31 am

    Congratulation Jodi Massiah. May your hearts desires become reality. Barbados we have such talented young people.


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