Alliance Francais celebrates International Francophonie Day

The Alliance Francais of Bridgetown, in recognition and celebration of International Francophonie day, hosted the event La Journee Internationale de la Francophonie at the historic Mount Gay Rum Distillery in Barbados on Wednesday March 20th 2013.

The event, which celebrated International Francophonie Day, saw approximately 107 members of the French community in Barbados, being urged to encouraged those interested in learning the French language through participation in interactive vocabulary building games.

There was also the celebration of French culture through the viewing of a French film and enjoyment of French cuisine.

The High Commission of Canada to Barbados contributed the French Canadian film Les Doigts Croche for the enjoyment of guests. Canada’s High Commissioner to Barbados, Richard Hanley, emphasised Canada’s commitment to La Francophonie.

President of the Alliance Francais, Denise Haynes and Honorary Consul to France for Barbados Don Chee-A-Tow both expressed their appreciation for Canada’s contribution, lauded the Francophonie movement and welcomed guests to the reception.

Overall, the event was well attended by several members of Barbados’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, members of the diplomatic core, members of the Alliance Francais and several French speaking residents to the island.

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