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hypasoundsEven as local band Nexcyx continues to make waves on the international scene, another artist is watching his own dreams come true on the overseas soca circuit.

This time the bands are striking up for Hypasounds.

The local soca artist has just made his impact on Berlin Carnival 2013 official with his inclusion into what is said to be one of the major CD releases for the festival.

Produced by Soca Child, Hypasounds is the bonus track on the UK riddim release, comprising mainly UK natives, with some UK-based Caribbean talent also featured. Hypasounds is the only Caribbean artist featured who not based overseas.

“It was a great feeling because my music has been seeping into those places. So this could be it now that I do something for their carnival now, so this should make it easier,” said an excited Hypasounds.

The CD is called the Palm Tree Riddim, produced by Soca Child, with UK artistes including Muzik lil Muzik, the UK Soca Monarch; Ms. Desire, the UK Groovy Soca Monarch and Natia, and Hypasounds serving as the bonus track on the CD.

His selection for the album, Feeling To, he said he produced with just hours to spare before the deadline.

“It was produced from January. My track was the last because the release date was Sunday and I finish the track on Thursday at 3 a.m. It had to finish so I could get it to them on Thursday. Their time is five hours ahead, so 3 a.m./4a.m. I was up writing and recording.”

According to a release on UK Soca Scene’s website, “The idea of the Palm Tree Riddim is one where it is meant to bring about that total Caribbean feel for its listeners. This beat is not just for persons of a Caribbean background, but also for all those who appreciate Soca music around the world.”

Hypasounds made an appearance on Choice FM on Sunday for the exclusive release of the album. It is also scheduled to be released on iTunes from this weekend, the artist revealed.

As for what it means to Hypasounds? He is ecstatic.

“It is a great step because this is where I always wanted to take it. That is the main reason why I put up the studios for that. I just don’t want to be recording for Crop-Over only. It doesn’t have to be a production that I do… as long as I can record and get the music out there all year round. Doing this is a great step, it is the beginning of it.”

What it does not mean however, is that he has any intention of overlooking his own local festivities. In fact, Hypasounds told Barbados TODAY his music was not only ready, but simply waiting for Crop-Over to begin.

“Crop-Over ready. I just waiting to release. I’ve been working all year round. Since I started working with Soca Child I haven’t stopped. I’ve been working so I just waiting to release.” (LB)

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