We must read!

tpetspringerreadingReading is essential to every undertaking in life.

This was the advise given to students at the Springer Memorial Secondary School this morning. Under the theme Reading: More Than A Pastime, A Pathway, 30 second form students were awarded for their success in the school’s reading programme.

Congratulating the students, Managing Director of Finer Points Consultants, Margaret Allman-Goddard, told them that reading was not just something that was forced upon them or something they would never use again, but rather it was really a pathway “to go where you want to go and to do whatever you want to do…†Reading allows your imaginations to soar”.

“Imagine a world without reading … every subject that we undertake needs reading to get us through,” she informed.

“I remember growing up and my mother encouraging and often insisting that I read. I loved Enid Blyton and I read anything I could get my hands on… I loved†going to the library and borrowing books every week. As an adult I realised the value of what I was taught then. Writing and reading assist the flow of speech and expressive articulate reading.”

She added: “In these days of technology it is even more important. We send texts and we use the shortened form of many words but we must know the correct version of that word and when we use tech speech we must know the proper written English.

“In the spoken word,†we should know when to use dialect and when to use proper English. We must read, even if it is a magazine article or a newspaper, and we must read everyday.”

Among the students awarded today were: Sionnize Bellamy and Iana McIntosh, who read more than 100 books between the summer of 2012 and today. Donisha Charles, Shade Jaques and Faithe Jones were rewarded for reading more than 50 books during the same period.

Arkayla Clarke and Markayla Smith-Rock tied for The Best Reader of the Year. Clarke was also the best reader in class 2-1 and Smith-Rock was the best reader in class 2-4. (KC)††

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  1. Ruth April 17, 2013 at 12:04 pm

    I am proud to be Markayla’s mom. Growing up I never liked reading, it was to me a nagging task that in my world as a tom-boy did not give me any extra points to fit in with the boys. I did what I had for school and no more at primary level, vacation was my time to pitch marbles, climb breadfruit trees for one or two to roast in the neighboring gully, flash a bat in some tape ball cricket or paste a few kites with the others.

    Reading was last on my agent, unless I had a stump toe that slowed me down enought for a line or two of homework due for school the next week. I seldom could believe nine week went already.

    Then at 25 years old and a little wiser, along with the push of Markayla’s father Mark I invisioned the possibilities of being a good reader. I read twice daily to our unborn child, after birth they came Sabbath school quarterlies, devotional books, bible stories, nursery rhymes you name it Markayla wanted it read, then her turn to read came.

    I remember endless evenings after school going through phonics, consonants, lucky dip books and then my baby was flying with birds, travelling with explorer and dreaming with trend setters. Markayla eats, sleep and lives reading she just loves it. Thanks to all who played some part, much more is to be done. Thanks for reading folks and baby mummy will support you all the way.


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