Staying healthy on the job

icblheathdaychecksThe Insurance Corporation of Barbados is doing something about their employees’ health.

Not only have they launched the Health and Wellness Programme where they would implement a tiered approach that involves investigating and monitoring their 200 plus staff members, Vice President of Operations, Sharon Howell-Clarke, told the audience this morning that they wanted to create a company-wide awareness about the importance of the subject.

“It is no accident that our Staff Health Day and this launch are getting the ball rolling for our celebrations,” she said. “ICBL is a driving, successful force in the industry due in no small part to the hard work and commitment of our staff.

“So it makes sense for us as a company that we should invest in the health and well being of the people who work hard every day to contribute to our success.

“With the continued rise of non-communicable diseases, for example obesity, hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol and the increasing strain on our company’s health system, we had to ask ourselves how we could contribute in a positive way to combatting the growing disease we are facing.”

Science at work

The programme is based on scientific methodology to improve the lifestyle of the employees. It will allow them to see where they are health wise and then “give them the tools to make informed decisions about how to adjust and attain optimal health and to be their best” at work and at home.

The company’s registered nurse, Lisa Brathwaite, said the programme was designed to offer staff the chance to have their health status assessed.

The launch, which was held at the company’s Roebuck Street headquarters, coincided with the annual Staff Health Day during which free blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol checks were done. There was also a range of health care products available. (DS)

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