Ryder has amnesia

CHRISTCHURCH – New Zealand cricketer Jesse Ryder has told police he has no recollection of being attacked outside a bar.

Ryder, 28, was put in a medically-induced coma after being attacked twice in quick succession as he left the bar in Christchurch last Thursday.

He is now out of the coma and intensive care, but has been unable to help police with their investigation.

Ryder told police his last memory was being dismissed in a match on Wednesday.

Two people have been charged with assault and are due in court later this week.

“Unfortunately Mr. Ryder has no recollection of what took place or the events leading up to the incident,” Detective Senior Sergeant Brian Archer said.

“Should Mr. Ryder gain sufficient recollection as his recovery continues, then we may look to speak to him again. However there are no immediate plans to re-interview him at this time.”††

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