Reaping the reward

On Wednesday March 27, 2013 part of the history of the Barbados Boy Scouts Association was written at the Combermere School.

With the presiding officers at the Centennial Awards Ceremony being the Chief Scout, Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave and the Chief Commissioner, Dr. Nigel Taylor, scores of Scout Leaders present and past smartly presented themselves and were the recipients of either the Centennial Award or the President’s Award.

In some cases there were members of the Association who received both of the awards.

Those who received the Centennial Award were reminded that it was named in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Barbados Boy Scouts Association and was the National Association’s highest commendation of the Centenary Year and recognised the invaluable contribution that outstanding Barbadian Scout Leaders have given to the male youth of this island.

Those persons who served as Chief Commissioners of the Barbados Boy Scouts Association were all presented with the Centennial Award for their leadership of the national association. Of the 11 Chiefs, eight of them were granted this award posthumously. The surviving Chief Commissioners at the time of writing were Lisle Harrison, Basil Forbes and the current Chief Commissioner Dr. Nigel Taylor.

Previous Island & Chief Commissioners were granted award posthumously

1. Sir Frederick Clarke, KCMG

2. Rev. A E Armstrong, MA

3. W H Carter, MBE

4. Major J E Griffith, ED

5. W A Redhead, CBE

6. Major L G. Quintyne, MBE; ED

7. E.V. Matthew, BSc.; MA

8. Charles McClean

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