Making wise choices

I have been asking myself for years now and am still asking the same question today as far as the future for our children goes. This has nothing to do with education or career choices, nor does it have to do with political promises.

What I am quite concerned about is the potential partners they have to choose from. Let me be honest here, because I am sure that some people do change as time goes by but time is moving along and some of whom I have seen years ago as a total nuisance to society, still continue to be but at a higher level. I am not speaking of politicians here now.

The drop-waist, show-your-boxers guy is still roaming the streets. He seems to have sprouted root and is going to be around for a while. There are also the ones who smoke marijuana like it is the best thing since being weaned from mommy’s breast milk.

They not only look spaced out constantly, but always seem to be taking up space as they are doing nothing with their lives. Smoking and drinking until they are almost unconscious is a trend that is well manifested in some young party goers.

Discussing how “mash up” one was the following day makes great conversation for these groups. I like to term them as drug addicts and alcoholics, but they preferred to be called young and free and having a good time.

For me a good time is best when I can remember it and not have to wonder if I slept in a gutter or had the stray dog lick my face while my so called friends took pics to post on the social media sites.

I am really amused at the way young people tend to consume drugs and alcohol and find it so cool. I was never one to follow or fall to peer pressure, and fortunately I never had peers who were of that nature. I could never be so stupid to be making concoctions of the various top alcohol brands and trying to see who gets mashed up first.

I constantly get laughed at and joked on when I tell people I am not a drinker or a smoker. It is something that is either not believed or as one person put it, simply not possible as an entertainer. Again perception has taken a stance and will not be moving from it.

As a parent you expect your children when they grow up to make wise choices. Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. All we can do is hope that the values we taught them will shine through at that moment of decision making. We can only hope.

It is not just a matter for females but males also have a similar issue. Many of us can relate to seeing a pretty looking female with the latest trends in tow, and those brave enough to say hello are given the shock of their lives while trying to have casual conversation.

Sometimes the words from their mouths and the way they are used will make one wonder if they are really hearing right. No sort of class or tact whatsoever. I am one who is proud of my accent and my Bajan dialect, but at times I feel I am hearing a completely different language.

I’m talking about the ones who believe in wearing bad weaves and undersized bras and the ever-popular leggings and tights everywhere they go, including job interviews. They make me cringe at times. What adds insult to injury is when you ask for an email and hear the ridiculous addresses. Who doesn’t have sexy, fat cat, or syrupy attached has something else, which is not printable here.

It seems the idea of being a rude girl or as ghetto as can be is what they want to perfect or to push one way or the other. I cannot forget the false eyelashes some wear daily looking like Mr. “Snuffleuppagus”. Must it be a constant part of their attire?

These ladies seem to be always ready to “block” or to fight given the chance. Instead of being a positive attraction they want to be as negative as can be while building an equally negative reputation.

There is a time and a place for everything. We are influenced by the North American music videos and artiste, but fail to acknowledge that it is an act most of the time. We need to learn to separate reality from fiction.

Young men need to realise that negative life styles are cutting them down in life very early. Young ladies too must aim to be ladies always. Respect yourself and give no one any excuse to speak ill of you.

Know what attire is for the party, and what’s for the work place is. Try to be the one that turns heads for a positive reason and not because you are harsh on the eyes and ears. There is a saying that every piece of cloth has its buyer, so I know that these types of people will surely have their suitors, so once again all I can do is hope and pray that my children have a different taste when the time comes.

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