Joy for Jamol

Jamol Eastmond led the charge as Barbadian cyclists had a successful outing at the Trinidad and Tobago Easter Grand Prix that came to a close on Easter Sunday. This international track event started on Good Friday and boasted of three days high level racing.

Top riders also from Canada, USA, Jamaica, Cuba, Puerto Rico and the host country participated in this event.

Eastmond was part of a three-man contingent that included Phillip Clarke and Darren Matthews who competed in the International category. Other Barbadian riders also featured among the juniors and tiny mites.

Eastmond shone in his events winning the featured 30-lap race of the first night and almost lapped the entire field which also consisted of his team-mate Darren Matthews.†Eastmond continued this trend and had podium finishes in most of the endurance events and also won the two-lap race from the fearsome Trinidad sprinters. The jubilation from the Barbadians in the stands was overwhelming.

Eastmond was the only Barbadian rider to do this over the weekend and secured a further title when he finished third overall for the entire event in the international category.†

The highly promising Joshua Kelly also accredited himself well. Representing Barbados in the junior category, Kelly won the most outstanding junior title and was first overall in the junior category.Kelly, a first year junior rider, dominated most of the events whether it was the shorter or longer endurance races.

Team-mate Edwin Sutherland came second overall in the junior category. The two junior riders dominated this category and ably assisted each other with the main focus of put their country first.

These juniors were also invited to ride with the category 1 riders in some of the featured events and were fearless in their attack on this group.†In the tiny mite category Jacob Kelly battled with Trinidadian rider Tyler Coles for the entire weekend.

From the start Jacob was marked as the strong rider and most of his competitors tried to sit behind and draft him. In most cases this did not work and Jacob paced off these “wheel suckers” with ease. He placed 1st and 2nd in most events and a 4th place finish on the last day allowed Tyler Coles to get the edge on him. Jacob finished second overall in this category.

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