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watercontainersBarbadians have long known the importance of recycling.

A conversation with some residents of St. Joseph showed that as long as a container did not have a hole, they used it to store water because they never know when their supply will be turned off.

Large and small PET bottles, buckets, basins, laundry detergent and fabric softener bottles have been used to store water for flushing toilets, water for bathing and cooking, cleaning the house, washing clothes and the car.

Frustration was evident on faces of several people today as they told of being unable to carry out their usual household chores or cook and having to ration water because they did not know when it would be flowing through their pipes after a outage stretched into five days.

Those in Parks Road were pleased that water was flowing from the taps in the afternoon and they moved to replenish their supplies but those in St. Bernard’s Village were waiting for the liquid to “flow up to us”.

One resident said his 800 gallon tank was half-full and being without water “sucked”.

In other areas of the country, water tankers were taking care of householders needs in Arthur Seat, St. Thomas and surrounding districts.

As a result of the outage Lester Vaughan School, Sharon Primary, Welches Primary and the Maria Holder Nursery in St. Thomas as well as a day care in Warrens closed early. (DS)

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