T&T has weapons of mass destruction

PORT OF SPAIN — Small arms, including handguns and rifles, are weapons of mass destruction in this country, said Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Dookeran.

Dookeran made the statement on Tuesday night as he delivered the opening remarks at a town meeting held by the Police Complaints Authority at his constituency office in Tunapuna.

Dookeran is the Member of Parliament for Tunapuna.

“Small arms are an important part of the armoury of the criminal industry and the region has been somewhat exposed to the trade in small arms. For us, small arms are weapons of mass destruction.”

Dookeran said this country is at the forefront in the fight at the United Nations to negotiate an international small arms trade treaty, which would regulate the flow of arms and ammunition across international borders.

He said the treaty will prohibit the growth of the small arms trade.

“We in the region are not producers or manufacturers of small arms in any large sense, but we are indeed involved in the trade of small arms.”

Dookeran said there was opposition to the treaty being passed and hoped that all obstacles would be overcome.

“It would assist us here in Trinidad to control the flow of small arms.”

He said it was an attempt to bring about a level of peace and stability to the society. (Express)

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