From classroom to community

tpetellertonprimaryopendayThe Ellerton Special Unit was today transformed into a mini community.

All of the essentials needed in an actual community were found there: a doctor’s office, a farm, police and defence force, library, jewellery store, fire department, a bank, church and of course a school.

Today’s open day was a part of a year of activities to celebrate the school’s 20th anniversary. Under the theme Our Community and its Workers, the children displayed at the Ellerton, St. George school a host of work they created. This included paintings, art, murals, jewellery and from the older children competitive writing.

Coordinator Natalie Moore told Barbados TODAY the children, ages†five to 13, had a great time creating their pieces. She said all 37 children in the unit contributed to make the day a success.

“The students made the pieces themselves. It was long and hard but very rewarding. Our art teacher, Miss Wiggins, would have done a lot of the prep work and helped them some,” she said.

“It was not difficult because the children’s passion is art and that is their strong area. Once they are interested in something they will do well. The girls were really excited about the jewellery making so that was easy. You didn’t have to push them or prod them because they wanted to do it.

“Everybody was involved, from the youngest to the oldest. The younger children did things they could handle and the older children would have done the more complicated stuff and the staff pitched in and help,” said Alleyne, with the smile on her face demonstrating her pride at the outcome.

The open day began yesterday but because of the great response, she said they were thinking about extending the period a bit. To end the celebrations, she revealed that they were thinking about holding a mini Kadooment next term to entertain the students. (KC)†††

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