Call for leaders

The Barbados Boys’ Scout Associations wants leaders, and Chief Commissioner, Dr. Nigel Taylor, says he wants them regardless of their gender.

Speaking to the media last evening after the presentation of National Centennial Scout Awards in the Major Noot Hall at the Combermere School in Waterford, St. Michael, he said he was tired of “beating a dead horse” that the association needed male leaders to nurture the boys.

Rather, he said, what he would like to see in the absence of men was leaders, whether they were male or female, who were committed to the cause of the younger generation.

“Because if you are committed to the cause of youth I think you would appreciate the nuances that would easily come with young people. Bare in mind that they are crystallising, they are too young to be adults and too old to be children, so they are now finding their niche in life.

“They are doing all kinds of half crazy things, but one of my concerns is that we need a direction and this direction can only be had by responsible committed adults,” he said.

“I have reached the stage where I don’t really care if they are male or females. If males do not come and women come I appreciate the fact that these women are adults who are actually saying ‘In the absence of men we are going to step on board and help the boys!’ Scouting give direction and leadership to these males.”

Taylor added: “My challenge with men is that unless men see the need to come, they aren’t gonna come. A guy might join because his girlfriend tell him ‘Okay go and join because our son is in scouting,’ but he comes but his spirit is not there, so he comes to us for a subordinate reason … [and] we don’t want that.

“We want people who would come to scouting because of their love for the youth. We talk about boys in crisis and that kind of thing and it is almost like a strange phenomenon… and yet we don’t do much as males to bring them out of the crisis. We need leaders, male or females,” he reiterated. (KC)

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