Beautiful bonnets

tpetstbonifaceeaster2013There were bunnies, lots of bunnies – fluffy ones, pink ones, flat ones and dozens upon dozens of eggs, and all on the heads of young children five years and under.

The occasion was the annual Easter Bonnets Parade of the St. Boniface Nursery School in Sion Hill, St. James this morning, where parents and guardians gathered to watch their little darlings parade the prettiest and most trendy, and sometimes even practical bonnets.

The themes were as wide and varied as the concepts of Easter can be, ranging from animals and critters, to the fabled Easter bunny, eggs, the cross and palms. What was really cute about some of the hats though was the input from the children themselves, with some deciding to show what they love in the hats – one child featuring everything blue; another a range of insects and yet another all the vehicles with big wheels that he could find.

In all, despite some shy moments by some of the younger children, it was clear that the students had a grand time both helping their parents design and come up with the concepts for the bonnets and especially parading them for all to see.

Beyond just the hats, some children blended bonnets with full outfits in colour-coordinated splendour, with pink, orange, yellow, blue and green being some of the hot colours for the day. (LB)

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