Side-splitting comedy!

laffitoffwellnesscentreLaff-it-Off Come Clean was even better the second time around.

Some people were laughing so hard they had stitches in their sides after the show, which is playing every weekend at the Ann Johnson Auditorium, in Henry’s Lane, St. Michael.

Set against the backdrop of the usual Nook and Cranny Bar, or in this instance, the Nook and Cranny Shore Wellness Centre, the main cast of Crispen Hackett, Ishiaka McNeil, Peta Alleyne, Toni-Ann Johnson and Simon Alleyne, went through a number of hilarious skits that touched on topics ranging from politics, sports, religion, the media and inter-personal relationships, to health, wellness, crime and security, among others.

All the intervals between skits were filled by video sketches that were well thought-out and equally hilarious to what unfolded on stage.

The live broadcast, gives real meaning to the term real time, the bank robbery scene, the bodybuilding/fitness scenario with the pose off which pits Alleyne, McNeil and Hackett against each other are not to be missed and although elections have passed, you can still catch some of the action from the platform.

Laff-it-Off 2013 which has been extended until mid-April, is a must see!!

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