Pork import policy irks US, Canada

The new-born litter of 10 piglets and mother, ‘Sandy’.
The new-born litter of 10 piglets and mother, ‘Sandy’.

KINGSTON – Agriculture Minister, Roger Clarke, says he has been inundated with calls from the United States and Canada regarding Jamaica’s refusal to grant permits for the importation of whole pigs.

He made the disclosure yesterday in Parliament as he responded to questions regarding whether Jamaica was importing whole pigs though some local farmers are finding it hard to sell their pork.

Clarke said the Government has only been importing certain cuts and types of pork for which the supply is not adequate to meet demand.

He said such pork imports include pig tails, pig feet, pork hock, pork sausage, pig bellies, pork trimmings and pork pepperoni.

However, Clarke says the United States and Canadian governments are not happy with this restriction. (Gleaner)

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